Our Team



Just Q was created with the philosophy of being the best technical support for fruit and vegetable managers.

Our mission is to lead the technical partnership with our added value in the processes of production, distribution and commercialisation of fruits and vegetables.

We combine the experience of hundreds of professionals from around the world to help our clients in the Global Management of their fruits and vegetables, from the cultivation phase through delivery to clients.

Our mission is to optimise production and commercialisation management based on the analysis, control and improvement of each process and product for our clients.


• Technical Qualifications: all our employees have specific qualifications in the agriculture sector, and have been trained by us in the global vision of all processes.
• Innovation: both in the way a process is performed and in computerised data management.
• Global Knowledge: we are experts in varietal selection, its cultivation system, its food safety compliance and protection protocols, the optimal harvesting times, the design of facilities and process manipulation controls, quality control and delivery oversight through to reception by the final client.
• Internationalisation: we are an international company, so it does not matter where your production and your clients are, we can cover the whole product cycle.
• Proximity: one of us will always be by your side to provide support on everyday tasks.
• Personalisation: our systems are never standard; we have a system for each client.
• Confidentiality: of course, your differentiation is our secret.


We are an international group of agrarian industry professionals who have combined our knowledge and over 20 years of experience in the study of processes in the production of fruits and vegetables, their manipulation, transportation, control and delivery to the client.

Together, we place at your disposal our knowledge of all the phases of production, commercialisation, and the different modes of distribution, their analysis and the application of the improvements necessary for obtaining your objectives.

Our greatest effort is centred on building the capacities of our employees to make them the best interlocutors and capacity builders for our clients, and a reference in personalised treatment.

Our technological support, designed exclusively for agricultural processes, will be your best information tool in real time, and the best point of reference for decision-making.


Our team is made up of experts in:
• production
• varietal developments
• quality control
• laboratory analysis
• machinery and facility design, both conventional and robotised,
• process improvement
• quality control
• standardisation and certifications
• logistics
• distribution and commercialisation


Our workplace is always our clients’ headquarters, their logistical platforms and their clients; we adapt to any work environment in any part of the world.